Future of CQRLOG

Me and Saku, OH1KH are working on WSJTx support for CQRLOG. After we finish it, I’ll release new version 1.9.1.
I’m thinking about the future of CQRLOG development. It’s very good piece of software and has almost all what I want as a CW guy. Yes, I believe there are bugs that have to be fixed but don’t know about any new feature that would help me on the air.


Version 1.0 was a big step ahead. MySQL is well known database running almost everywhere. Now what should be the another big step for 2.0? Do we need it? I was thinking about Windows and Mac OS X version of CQRLOG. Unfortunately I don’t have any Mac machine at home, but have small Windows partition on my laptop. It would be some extra work for me, but it would help to Linux users - more users, more bugs fixed. About a month ago with new Lazarus version, I tried to download source and compile it for Windows. After a few small changes, it went fine and without any problem. What do you think about that? Would be Windows version of CQRLOG interesting for your friends? What would you like to see in the CQRLOG’s future?


One thing I would love to see

One thing I would love to see is some sort of "contest mode" where it would handle exchanges better. For example, you could have it auto-increment exchanges for contests that require serial numbers, etc. If those could be auto-populated and usable in CW macros, that would be fantastic.
Since I'm requesting functionality, I'll also volunteer to help as much as I can with things like bug squashing, etc.. I've been known to program now and then ;)
Bill WK2X

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future cqrlog

hello from flavio ik3ocd, would be nice thing cqrlog for windows would you happy users windows.altro would be useful and full management contest, and creating diplomas world example wwff or possibility to create their own diplomas. download e-QSL card images ...
greetings ik3ocd flavio

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CQRLOG features

A couple of things that would be useful as I havent found them yet, the ability to have the logs export as cabrilo for arrl and such, network capabilities, example my club has 5 machines with one acting as a host, to have it  be able to incriment qso's and warn for dupes. A windows version would be wonderful for my non linux friends, its a great logging program and would love to see them benefit from its capabilities.

Would be nice if after you

Would be nice if after you type in a call, and hit tab, and CQRlog does the look up, and fills in the progress chart, It would be nice if when you click on the chart say for 15M CW, it would show you in the qso list all stations that you have worked on 15M CW and any confimations, in other words when you click on 15M CW CQRlog auto filters the log for all 15M CW qso's, hope that make sense. TU Tom

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As mac is closer to linux

As mac is closer to linux then Windows, it should not be hard for you to make it into a mac version....
Maybe we could startt a crowdfund to get you a mac :)
I'll see if i can get a mac box running in virtualbox, if i succees i'll let you know how to get this done.

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Re: As mac is closer to linux

CQRLOG source code is mostly platform independent. There are a few places where I should change a few lines of code and it should work.
I tried it yesterday, but mybe there is a problem with my computer, I have only 6GB RAM and gave 3GB to MacOS. I used step by step how-to from hackintosh website. Some kind of older mac that could handle recent MacOS version would be great but it's very expensive here. If I have money, I'll buy new radio rather then Mac computer :).

Having trouble getting CQRLOG to function with fldigi on Mac OSX


I recently got registered to use CQRLOG, but don't get the Calls to load in my Mac OSX system running fldigi. I have set the configuration as I thought it should be set, but cannot get it to function. Is there a reference that I can use that gives a configuration guide?


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Transvertor Support

I would still like to see Transvertor support. CQRLog is one of the few logging programs that dont support transvertor offsets.

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Re: Transvertor Support

Hi Dave,
I know about that it is one of the features on the top of my TODO list. CQRLOG doesn't have this feature because I've never used it and never needed anything like that. I still have your email with your ideas about transverter support and version 1.9.2 should have this feature implemented. Now I'd like to release version 1.9.1 with wsjt support.
73 Petr

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OK Petr, no problem, IP know

OK Petr, no problem, IP know it's a difficult one to do and if there isn't much demand for it then quite rightly it will slip down the list. A popular feature for VHF Hams not so much for HF guys I guess. Keep up the good work.

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GRID SQuares Map

Another feature popular with us VHF ops is Grid Square Maping. Not sure how difficult or easy it is to do but the ability to report on Squares (4 and/or 6 digit) worked by band graphically on a map would be very useful. Only logger I know that does this right now is VQLog (there may be others). May be a value added feature you could charge for?

New Feature - Real MySQL support

CQRLOG needs real MySQL support. By that I mean the ability to have a server somewhere running MySQL with the database files on the server and the desktop clients connecting to it over a network. At the moment this DOES NOT WORK, you currently need to have CQRLOG running on the server.

it works for me?

I  have this mode working on my setup. In fact, I had to migrate to this because my /home partition is on ZFS, which doesn't work with the default way things are done. So now my CQRLog connects to the mysql server on localhost and works just fine.
I guess I should try to run a CQRlog instance on a physically different computer, but since the msql stuff is going over a network interface in either case, I don't see how it wouldn't work that way.

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Re: New Feature - Real MySQL support

This feature already is in CQRLOG. In database connection window uncheck "Save data to local machine" and you will be able to enter your own server. This has been working since CQRLOG 1.0 alpha 1 released 3 years ago. I know about users using CQRLOG over the Internet. On the server has to be MySQL/MariaDB running, that's all. CQRLOG creates databases and does initial import of common data like QSL managers, DXCC and IOTA.

Re: New Feature - Real MySQL support

NO! It only works if the server machine has a running instance of CQRLOG on it. When you uncheck "Save data on local machine" the only connection that works is to another machine running CQRLOG.
If you have an example of this working to a MySQL server on a PC where CQRLOG is *not* installed then please post the CQRLOG and MySQL configuration information.
Colin G8TMV

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Re: New Feature - Real MySQL support

No :). You have to change the port and host settings and it will work. Look at this picture - http://cqrlog.com/files/cqrlog_connection.png
First you have to create user using this:
CREATE USER 'cqrlog'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY PASSWORD 'xxxxx';GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'cqrlog'@'localhost';
After first connection CQRLOG will create cqrlog001 and cqrlog_common databases.

What would really be nice is

What would really be nice is if CQRlog would do the loookup, as soon as a call was entered into Fldigi when in Fldigi mode, that way us Fldigi useres would be able to see the call history in CQRlog, right when the call was entered into Fldigi, I would imagine the same could be done with JT65. TU Tom

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CQRLOG - more like a Swiss army knife?

It is very desirable and helpful to see so many suggestions but I still have (more and more) impression that some less considerate users want to turn our program to an all-in-one program for the whole ham radio. This is definitely a bad idea, huh? As initial premise we want to design a reliable logger for a CW/SSB DXer. I don't understand users suggesting that CQRLOG should be a MySQL frontend, a casual contester's logger, a digi fan tool etc. Every Swiss army knife program turns earlier or later to a monster with complex, less intuitive control, less useful to its primary dedication. There are some other simple but better tailored programs meeting your needs (including fldigi which has also some king of logger built in), other side of the coin is the simple fact that TR4W runs flawlessly in Linux and is a top-grade contest logger with all bells and whistles. It seems that some users are quite lazy to export their data from a contest logger to ADIF and import to CQRLOG...


A Windows Version will be a nice idea - getting more support and some "Forks" from other developer.
But looking to the existing Windows "World" I do not really need CQRlog as I found my contest and Logging SW which do everything I need.
For the user, who wants it for MAC - why not use Rumble - as I heared it is really a great SW (for Contest too).
And yes as 1RR mentionened TR4W is now open to be adapted to Linux if needed as it is now released the sourccode in Delphi. Maybe a chance to have it "better integrated" with CQRlog running on Linux which will be a big advantage - but maybe heavy to do it.
73 Peter DF1LX (using DXlab Suite + N1MM Classic on Windows - Unix getting less and less used due to ..)

Virtual box

I have used version 1.7.4 in a Windows 7 when I played around with Virtual Box / Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. It worked fine as far as I could see. Have not tried the latest CQRLOG in that environment.
/Mikael SM6VJA

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Hello and mny thx fer CQRLOG

Hello Petr! CQRLOG is one of the best programs for LINUX! Why another software for MS-Windows? There are enough softwares...? This is only a waste of time to convert CQRLOG into MS-Windows. The LINUX community needs you and your software. What's going on CQRTEST? We need a contest-log-software more than the "Windowsers" a new log-software. (The most users are running HRD or something. They would change it). CQRLOG.


Please add the fields OPERATOR and STATION_CALLSIGN to the adi export feature. The addition of these two fields will enable me to upload my log to eBabel. eBabel is a new digital QSL system. You will find it at www.ebabel.net. The addition of these fields would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Marty, N3MOW

Windows and CQRLog

While I would love to see a native windows version of CQRLog, there is a workaround that seems to function.
Just use the free version of Virtualbox to create an instance of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on a Windows computer.  Right now, I have this running on a Windows 7 system and CQRLog is loaded and appears to function as expected.  Hopefully, I will not see any unexpected results - but that may take some time to shake out. From what I have read, Virtualbox does not currently run on Windows 10 - but I am sure that will eventually be corrected.
Just my suggestion

Android App & Sync

It would be very nice to have a "Slim/Small" Android app, with key essential fields on one screen.
Then the ability to "synch" with home CQRLog, edit/add more details when on main dB, if required
Great for portable/day's out.

Tablet and cqrlog

Hi !
I'm using cqrweblog  ( https://github.com/dl8bh/cqrweblog ) with my tablet. Of course you need then webserver at home and it should be available via internet if you want portable access from outside of your LAN.Actually my server is running one instance of cqrlog database and hamshack laptop another. When they are connected to same lan mysqls (MariaDbs) will sync with each other and both are at same state.
Server's Db is mainly for portable (tablet) operations and, as said, hamshack laptop is the "main" Db. But they sync to both directions keeping also backup for each other.
Cqrweblog is not hard to install if you have a working webserver with cqrlog database.

CQRLOG for Mac

I have been an avid user of CQRLOG for several years. In fact it was the main piece of software than fully enbabled moving my shack computer from Windows to Linux. (That was a great day.)  
I have a mixed household of Linux, Mac, and limited Windows machines. I would really like to see CQRLOG on the Mac platform.
This would be something that I would consider helping with if there were a few other folks that were interested in helping out as well. In theory CQRLOG should be mostly platform agnostic and the port from Linux to MacOS should be do'able. (There are people that have been looking at it off/on for a while.)  I have some development experience and would be willing to invest some time into the project as well.
Could we get a count of how many poeple might be interested? (respond to this message.)  This might help us figure out with Petr how to approach this... assuming that there is enough interest to make that investment. 
73 de NG0R

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Mr. Petr,
What is the future of CQRTest? I checked the site this morning and the forum is full of spam. No updates in a very long time.
You may want to pass through the forum and clean out all of the spam that has infiltrated.

As this subject hasn't been

As this subject hasn't been brought up in some time...

Petr, I'm wondering if there are still plans for releasing CQRTest?

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Re: As this subject hasn't been

Petr, I'm wondering if there are still plans for releasing CQRTest?

There are no plans for CQRTest, I'm sorry.

I also have good news. CQRLOG now has small contest window. I'm going to improve it (bandmap and dx cluster support, dupes etc). Recent beta version includes first version developed by Saku, OH1KH.


NAC logging

Some NAC contest logging possibility would be nice.. :-)

NAC logging

You can do it with this new contest window.
No points calculation, no printed log support. Sorry.

Just ADIF that can be converted to Cabrillo with external program.
(I have not worked NAC since -90s. Wonder what kind of logging is now in use :)


Contestprogram for Linux announced for 2016 Spring

I just read, that the new DXlog Contestprogram from 9A5K will be released for LINUX in Spring! That mean - CQRTest is not needed anymore (?) - It may make sense to check, if CQRlog can communicate somehow with it in the future or?

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I'll Wait Thank You

Looking at that software, I think I would rather wait for CQRTest. In the mean time I will continue to run N1MM through wine.

fldigi / wstj-x remote to separate computer?

I really like the "Remote mode" for wsjt and fldigi - it makes logging contacts in those modes really easy.

Except now, I have a need to run those programs on a separate computer (a Windows machine) in order for them to work with my new Flex radio. Unfortunately, they do not seem to be able to communicate back to CQRLOG on my linux machine. Is there any way that could be "fixed" so that CQRLOG can talk to those programs over the network on something other than localhost?

I'd be glad to help with code if necessary.



wsjt-x remote to separate computer

Hi !

Just made your living a bit easier (?) :)
I made new compilation of my latest branch of cqrlog.
It has now configurable IP address at wsjt-x settings. I tested it with wsjt-x running on other PC and it worked well !!

No promises for fldigi !

If you like to test you find it from https://github.com/OH1KH/cqrlog.
If you can not compile the source there is a test binary (for x86_64 kernels) with insructions at http://www.saunalahti.fi/sakny/bin/cqrlog2/
Choose the latest file cqrtest205-029.zip

Remember this binary is not official release and testing is at your own risk. Do backups first!


fldigi / wstj-x remote to separate computer?

Hi !
I do not know(remember) how fldigi works, but with wsjt-x you can set destination to UDP (settings/reporting). This is usually (localhost). Change it to your linux box IP.

On cqrlog's side it is bossible to make same kind of setup with little reprogramming, but at the moment only port can be changed.

So you have to do some kind of UDP relay inside your linux box that listens packets from network and forwards them to localhost.
And vice versa.
Fortunately linux has many good network tools. You could try to find solution done with netcat(socat) or do a python or perl script for that.

The main question is: isn'ẗ there a program for Flex radio in Linux?
And if not, could the windows program be run under Wine?

This would solve more than this problem. You could also get rid of windoze at same go :D :D :D


Hi Saku,

Hi Saku,

Thanks for your reply! To answer a few questions, I really wish there was a Flex radio client for linux, but alas - not yet. They have published an API that could, in theory, lead to such a thing, but it is probably far far away at this point. SmartSDR may run in Wine, but I highly doubt the virtual serial port and DAX drivers that are also required will work at all under Wine.

I also saw your reply about the change you made - I will look at it soon and try it out. If it works, then I sense you might be submitting a pull request soon ;)

I will also investigate the fldigi side of things - I see some settings for remote reporting in fldigi that allow a host to be configured - maybe one of those will "just work," ha ha!

Thanks again and 73,

Bill WK2X

fldigi on other PC

HI !

Just looked the flidigi remote code of cqrlog and it seems to use IPC for commmunication.
I'm not familiar with IPC, but I have feeling that it mainly works inside world of (one)PC (the kernel).

Fldigi supports also xmlrpc that is also gray area for me, but I think it can be used for this kind of PC to PC communication
you are looking for.
So it is just a rewrite of fldigi-remote ;) There seems to be xmlrpc client sources at GitHub for Lazarus. It should not be very complicated job to do.

Perhaps "Someone Else"(trade mark) does this :D :D :D