The country files update problem

It seems like every other new DXCC table to download doesn't work for me. When I start CQRLog, it asks if I want to download and install. I click Yes. It looks as if the download goes OK and I get a message that the import is complete and to restart the program. I click OK. Exit the program. When I restart the program it asks all over again. I have went through this process a few times with no completed results. I have also manually downloaded, imported, rebuilt and still get a notice to download the latest upon restart. If I wait until the next download, it seems to download, import, etc automatically with success. I feel I have a default installation which in right under my home directory, Ubuntu 8.10 (older Ubuntu did same thing).

The solution is here:

Country files addendum

While searching for Antarctica info I discovered many sources with CE9 prefix assigned to Antarctica. Unfortunately CE9 is used also for South Shetlands. Other prefixes are also ambiguous (R1A, KC4, LU/Z, VK0, VP8 etc.). It seems most likely that only unambiguous prefix assigned to Antarctica is ZL5 and FT#Y (# = any number), however ZL5 seems more easy to handle. Therefore all my records of Antarctica were changed to ZL5.


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