TS-950SDX EPROM discontinued

Thanks to Mike WZ5Q, who graciously pulled the original eprom from his TS-950SDX, we now have an image (BIN) file of the original eprom.

If anyone is interested in updating their 950SDX's firmware to the latest (last) version, I have a few newly burned (aka programmed) firmware chips for the TS-950SDX at a cost of $25 including shipping via USPS first class mail.

Eric, KE2D


CQRLOG is very slow or does not run at all

The accompanying problem is also the abonormally high CPU load. The problem is instant polling of non-existent (not responding) radio. Your radio setup is probably incorrect, possible a mess in the cqrlog.cfg. Try to downoad a default cqrlog.cfg from here and copy it into your /cqrlog/log_data folder. Backup before your old cqrlog.cfg if you want. The default cqrlog.cfg redirects all polling to the hamlib dummy radio (model=1] and the high CPU load should return to its normal values.

7O1YGF – Yemen approved for DXCC

Operation from April 16, 2000 through April 26, 2000.
(already reflected in the latest country files)

After reviewing recently-received information regarding the 7O1YGF operation, and after additional dialogue with a leader of the DXpedition, the DXCC desk has approved this operation.

Considering the length of time that has passed since this operation, we ask that DXCC participants who would like to claim credit for 7O1YGF follow the options below:

Beware of hamlib!

The most common problems are radio control related and seems mostly to be a hamlib issue. I noticed that hamlib issues reporting mostly Ubuntu users. Hamlib is an awesome piece of software providing support of > 150 different types of radios, transceivers and rotators which is a heroic effort, isn't? The idea that the developers are supplied with every brand new type of radio is totally false, they must find a Linux user who is an owner of particular radio(s) and is willing to contribute, at least with testing and bug reporting.

How to solve your problem?

Dear CQRLOGers,

we are pleased to develop the program and share our experience with you. You are helping a lot with your input (comments, suggestions and bug reports). Like any other software, there are lots of questions appearing again and again, regardless of the detailed help and many previous comments. Unlike others, we are not intended to say the usual RTFM (Read The Fantastic Manual) but to reply with a particular solution tailored to your situation.


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