CQRLOG is very slow or does not run at all

The accompanying problem is also the abonormally high CPU load. The problem is instant polling of non-existent (not responding) radio. Your radio setup is probably incorrect, possible a mess in the cqrlog.cfg. Try to downoad a default cqrlog.cfg from here and copy it into your /cqrlog/log_data folder. Backup before your old cqrlog.cfg if you want. The default cqrlog.cfg redirects all polling to the hamlib dummy radio (model=1] and the high CPU load should return to its normal values.

Then you should set up your radio again. Don't use a too low poll rate, a value of 300 is sufficient.


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cqrlog 0.8.2

replacing the cqrlog.cfg in the log_data directory fixed my high cpu usage so I am now running cqrlog 0.8.2. Thank you for your posted response.I now need to get fldigi working when cqrlog is in remote mode. I have set the path to fldigi however I am not able to call fldigi when in remote mode. 73 and thank you once again for the posted link to cqrlog.cfg

Dave [n3meq]

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fldigi path

fldigi is installed in usr/local/bin. I can call fldigi and it does start from cqrlog but data for qso in fldigi is not logged to cqrlog, hamlib may be the issue here. I will build the source for fldigi and see what difference that may make.
Thank you for your response Petr. I am using the latest binary for fldigi which I downloaded I notice the binary was built against hamlib-1.2.9, I have hamlib-1.2.8 installed currently. I will build fldigi on my system and see if that makes a difference.

73 Dave,N3MEQ