CQRLOG 0.8.5 released (2009-10-06)


  • library libstdc++5 included into program installation
  • after saving QSO station appears in bandmap (it must be set in Preferences)
  • name is now capitalized also when you enter the 'Name' field
  • option 'Refresh Data after Save QSO' didn't work - fixed
  • if a non-default profile selected, after saving a QSO the profile turned to default - fixed
  • access violation after clicking to 'New QSO' in QSO list window and pressing ESC - fixed
  • autobackup didn't save last QSO - fixed
  • if 'Show only QSO since XX' enabled, autobackup saved only these QSOs - fixed

Download here.

Second year of CQRLOG

CQRLOG celebrated its 2nd birthday on Sep. 29. 2009. Exactly on this day in 2007, the initial version 0.1.0 was released.

What means 2 years in development of a logger? Is it too short or too long? Compared to other products, are we faster or slower? Comments welcome!

Country files major update

Our country files version cqrlog-cty090930.tar.gz now have an addition of a huge list of operations not accepted by the DXCC Desk. The sources are the "Club Log" (http://www.clublog.org/loginform.php) and the "Operaciones no válidas" list, prepared by Lynx DX Group (http://lynxdxg.com/novalidas/novalidas.htm). Some disputed expeditions were consulted with Bill Moore, NC1L of ARRL (nc1l@arrl.org).

Winkeyer USB server

I tried to put tlf into the game and I would like to use my WinKeyer USB for CW keying. There is daemon written in Perl from PA0R but it is designed for serial version of this key. Serial version has different initialization sequences. I tried to modify this daemon for USB version but with no luck. So I decided to write my own.

CQRLOG 0.8.4 released (2009-09-04)


  • sorting by call,qsl_via,dxcc_ref and call,dxcc_ref added
  • yellow dot in graline window pointed to your QTH (according to your own locator)
  • new QSO window resizeable (good for Asus EE users)
  • problem caused by QRZ.COM randomly generated bogus strings fixed
  • a few speed improvements
  • sometimes program freezed when closing bandmap - fixed

Download here.

TS-950SDX EPROM discontinued

Thanks to Mike WZ5Q, who graciously pulled the original eprom from his TS-950SDX, we now have an image (BIN) file of the original eprom.

If anyone is interested in updating their 950SDX's firmware to the latest (last) version, I have a few newly burned (aka programmed) firmware chips for the TS-950SDX at a cost of $25 including shipping via USPS first class mail.

Eric, KE2D


CQRLOG is very slow or does not run at all

The accompanying problem is also the abonormally high CPU load. The problem is instant polling of non-existent (not responding) radio. Your radio setup is probably incorrect, possible a mess in the cqrlog.cfg. Try to downoad a default cqrlog.cfg from here and copy it into your /cqrlog/log_data folder. Backup before your old cqrlog.cfg if you want. The default cqrlog.cfg redirects all polling to the hamlib dummy radio (model=1] and the high CPU load should return to its normal values.


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