How to solve your problem?

Dear CQRLOGers,

we are pleased to develop the program and share our experience with you. You are helping a lot with your input (comments, suggestions and bug reports). Like any other software, there are lots of questions appearing again and again, regardless of the detailed help and many previous comments. Unlike others, we are not intended to say the usual RTFM (Read The Fantastic Manual) but to reply with a particular solution tailored to your situation.

The growing number of questions starts to eat our time we have for the development, ie. more questions means slower development, more bugs etc. therefore we recommend following actions (the order is important!):

1. Analyse your setup very thoroughly and make sure that it is really a software issue. Many problems seems as software related but actually, it is a hardware or RFI issue.

2. Check your Linux installation. A good trick is
  ldd cqrlog
which detects an eventually missing component. If you are not sure, use
  ldd cqrlog > err.txt
where the err.txt contains the ldd output. Put the err.txt into forum here, it is much easier to analyse such file than a digging into your stories describing the CQRLOG behaviour.

3. Some distros are not equipped with some libraries by default. Check the hamlib installation, libstdc++5 and possibly bug-buddy. ldd will tell you what you need.

4. Before any public question, browse the help file and the forums. BTW main purpose of this web site is to collect all forum topics at a single place. Use the search option of this web site.

5. If you are pretty sure that your problem is unique (no solution known before), ask in the forum.

6. As the very last option, ask the authors.

Many thanks for understanding.