Log not showing all qso's

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Log not showing all qso's

I have realised that cqrlog is not showing all records in the database.

The records shown by a SQL query are, by date and id_cqrlog_main:
2021-05-08 1160
2020-10-20 770

2020-02-23 002
2019-05-03 123

2019-04-29 124
2000-05-19 769

The log is only showing qso's in the date range from today back to 2019-05-03.
Records with the id's in the range 124-769 are not shown.

id_cqrlog_main is unique so I'm surprised at the problem. I have rebuilt index main_index ON cqrlog_main but this made no difference.
I have imported the ADIF backup file to a new log but this also made no difference.

Any advice on how to resolve this problem?

73 Simon

Log not showing all qso's

Hi Simon!

Have you latest cqrlog (2.5.2) ?
Have you tried to scroll down qso list with PGDN key. Mouse scrolling does not load next 500 qso chunk to view in qso list. PgDN key does.


Are you sure that your filter is off and you do not have problem in qth profiles. If you do not use qth profiles you can do:
- be sure that filter is off QSO list/Shift+F12
- backup your log
- QSO list/group edit/Field:QTH profile/Value: empty/ apply

Does it change situation?


Log not showing all qso's

Ah, PGDN! I didn't think of that.

Thanks Saku, problem solved!

Log not showing all qso's

ThankĀ“s Saku, problem solved me, too
73 Uwe