First time start fail

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First time start fail

I installed v2.2.0 via the repo on Launchpad on Linux Mint.

The install went well, but on the first run, the program reported problems with MySQL and could not connect to it. The message advised to check the install. v5.7 was installed. AFAICS, MySQL had installed FB.

How do I progress from here.

Mni tnx es 73 de Guy G4DWV 4X1LT

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Re: First time start fail

Please install libmysql-dev package, it should solve the problem.

73 Petr

Thanks, Petr. I had the same

Thanks, Petr. I had the same problem and your hint solved it. For those who are new to Linux (as I am):
- open a terminal window
- enter sudo apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev
- enter your password
- enjoy
73, Frank

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Sorted now

Hi Petr,

I am okay now after following Frank's instructions. A post giving details of my first attempt has not made it to the forum, but all is well now.

73 de Guy G4DWV 4X1LT