CQRLOG on Ubuntu MATE 16.10

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CQRLOG on Ubuntu MATE 16.10

I installed CQRLOG from the library available in the Synaptic package manager that comes with Ubuntu MATE. It installed OK, but when I attempt to run it, I get an error message saying "Error during connection to database: Server Connect failed", then a second dialogue box that says:

"* Database Problem
MySQL could not be started. Please check to see if the MySQL server is installed properly"

It then directs you to the CQRLOG FAQ, and says to post the error log. However, I could not find anything in the FAQ regarding database connection issues and there is no error log in my .config file.

Has anyone gotten CQRLOG to run on Ubuntu MATE, and if so, did you encounter this issue and determine a solution? Is there a way independent of CQRLOG to check if MySQL server was properly installed? I am new to LINUX and Ubuntu, so any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Re: CQRLOG on Ubuntu MATE 16.10

CQRLOG should work fine under Ubuntu Mate.

Open a console and log cqrlog with --debug=1 parameter. Are you using recent version from my ppa on launchpad?

73 Petr, OK7AN