Portable callsign (.../P) and QTH profiles

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Portable callsign (.../P) and QTH profiles

I have a question about portable operation.  When I operate portable and use my call G7UHN/P, I'm entering in QSOs in different QTH profiles according to my portable location but as far as I can see there is no way to enter my own callsign as G7UHN/P into CQRlog.  Is this correct?  As my data is uploaded to HRDlog.net these QSOs are listed as being made from G7UHN not G7UHN/P.
Is there a better way of entering my portable QSOs so that the callsign used is more accurate? Following on from this, it makes me wonder how these portable QSOs would be uploaded to eQSL, LoTW, ClubLog, etc...
Any tips for how people use CQRlog for portable logs is much appreciated... 73

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I don't operate portable, but

I don't operate portable, but what if you simply created a new log with /P. Not sure if that would work, but worth a try.


Thanks for the response Tom.

Thanks for the response Tom.  Yes, I think that'll work but I'm interested to know if there are any other approaches that keep it all in the same log?

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Re: Portable callsign (.../P) and QTH profiles

I also operate /p from SOTA and different QTH but upload data to eQSL and LoTW with home location. I don't have so many /p QSO and it would be uncomfortable to keep in mind that I have to change the LoTW/eQSL upload settings :).
CQRLOG doesn't have any special support for different QTH profiles for eQSL or LoTW.
73 Petr, OK2CQR

QTH Profiles and upload

Hi Petr,

I do have the same issue here. But I believe, thinking this a bit further would be helpful.

The idea of the QTH-Profiles to avoid multiple databases is - in general - a very good one. But I think it's worth, thinking it to the end.
Rather than having the CTRL-L option just to change the LOC on the fly, a good solution could be as follows:

- include own call in QTH-Profile definition (with options for additional pre- and suffixes, such as /P or OZ/ ...)
- include callsign-based login-credentials for eqsl.cc in QTH-Profile (yes, you really have to login there with the "/P" in your call to do it properly)
- add a QTH-Profile selection for the LoTW and eQSL up- and download dialogues. You need
- Name of QTH-Profile hard-coded in LoTW upload
- Callsign in LoTW download (could be empty in theory, but if you have separate calls with on e login - for me DO2HG and DB4ST - this might mess up things)
- QTH-Nickname (ideally the name of QTH-Profile) for eQSL upload and relevant login credentials for the corresponding call
- QTH-Nickname for the eQSL download (may be empty for all) and relevant login credentials for the corresponding call

... this is basically taking up the ball from WK2X from here: https://www.cqrlog.com/node/2214

I believe the future lies in electronic QSLs and as my situation (one old call, a current call, /P operation and additional possible vacation locations as currently OZ/) is not totally exotic, thinking along these lines for further development would be really helpful.

The biggest pain is the changing of the eQSL credentials and the hardcoded QTH-Profile in the LotW upload. At least the possibility to handle multiple logins in the preferences would be a big help for the eQSL issue. For the LotW dialog a variable and a dropdown-list for the QTH-Profiles would already be a big help.

Thanks folks for all your effort and dedication. CQRLog has been a valuable tool for me for the past two years. Keep up the good work, it is definitely worth it!

Tnx agn.

DB4ST (ex DO2HG) --- German Ham Radio Station
D-32584 Löhne ----- Locator JO42IE


I too would like to see something for this. My thanks to the dedication of all who help keep this program running.

John NM2R NM2R/p NM2R/m :)

Thanks for the reply Petr, I

Thanks for the reply Petr, I'm a big fan of CQRLOG, all credit to you.  Do you think this kind of support for portable operating might be appear in the future?  Steve, G1YBB, has written a series of posts on his blog about how he approaches it using Log4OM (http://g1ybb.uk/category/software/)and this approach looks very good to me.
On the subject of new features, a feature I enjoyed when I was using Ham Radio Deluxe over on Windows was the ability to export log enries with their locators into Google Earth for viewing geographically.  Ultimately I would convert in Google Earth to a KML file and import to a GIS application (QGIS on Linux in my case) to create my own maps of contacts:
Export from CQRLOG to a KML file would be great!