CQRLOG on Porteus Linux

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CQRLOG on Porteus Linux


I have download the cqrlog_1.9.0_i386.tar.gz Package and unpack it under Porteus Linux. Porteus Linux is a portable Linux Distribution which is based on Slackware Linux. I have tested Porteus with KDE and MATE and I think it is a good choice.

When I start CQRLOG I want to connect to a SQL-Server on a RaspberryPi (not mariaDB) I get an error with the message that the libmysqlclient.so ... is not installed. In Porteus Linux this package is not available in the package manager, so I have installed the complete mariaDB package and now CQRLOG works.

Was this a good choice, or have I to expect any problems with this solution (CQRLOG and mariaDB) ?

Should I install mariaDB on the RaspberryPi too ? Or is a mixed mode possible ?

In the next time I want to test the installation of the Hamlib libraries on Porteus for the connect to the transveiver.

Many thanks for your help !

vy 73 de dd8mok, marCus

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Re: CQRLOG on Porteus Linux

Hi Marcus,

as far as I know CQRLOG should work with MySQL and MariaDB without any problem. It doesn't use anything that should be related only to MariaDB or MySQL.

73 Petr

Hello Petr,

Hello Petr,

thanks a lot for your answer. I´m a newbie in using mySQL, CQRLOG, ... .

73 de marCus, dd8mok