The more I use CQRLog, the more I am impressed

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The more I use CQRLog, the more I am impressed

I have used Linux on and off for a few years and have recently come back after Ubuntu 14.04 LTS was released. After using Ham Radio Delux on Windows, then moving back to CQRLog on Ubuntu I have come to the realization that quality software doesn't need to cost $100 per year.
Thank you to the authors for making this available to the amateur radio community. Your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated.
73 - Jeff VE6EFR

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Re: The more I use CQRLog, the more I am impressed

Thank you Jeff!
As far as I know CQRLOG as about 1000 active users. If the price would be $100 per year, I would earn far more than at my daily work. It would be light years more :D.
I'm very happy you like CQRLOG. Thank you!
73 Petr, OK2CQR

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The more you use it...

The more you use it the better it becomes.
I have seen the Windows counterparts, they are no match to CQRLog.
Keep up the good work Peter and thanks for fixing bugs quickly.

Greetings, Bas. ON5HB

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Petr, I ended up posting a

Petr, I ended up posting a link to CQRLog on a facebook amateur radio group. If you have a chance, head over and post a comment or two to the people that are talking about the program. You may just get a few more users.