Import ADIF File Tricks?

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Import ADIF File Tricks?


I am running CQRLog 2.3 on my Raspberry Pi 4 running Buster.

I found the Import ADIF function, but when I try to import my log that I exported from MacLoggerDX, with 1310 QSOs, it tells me there were 66 found, but nothing imported.

I have tried:

Removing the MLDX header from the Text File
Importing the same file through RumLogNG and then exporting from there.
Same deal.

I have a number of different logging apps that I am using on different platforms and have been exporting and importing my ADIF files for quite some time.

Is there some trick to this with CQRLog?

I did try to upgrade to the 2.4 release, but that doesn't appear to be ready for the Raspberry Pi Buster yet.

Thanks in advance,



Import ADIF File Tricks?

Hi Glen!

Can you attach a part of your exported ADIF file to your next message?
Cut the file with text editor to have only header and couple of qso records.

You must rename file to somename.txt as attach must have suffix ".txt" here.