Lacking eQSL support?

There are some complaints concerning lack of support. To my best knowledge, CQRLOG can be used with, however it seems a bit risky to introduce another option which will be considered as 'confirmed'. Now, the confirmation methods uses 'Q' for contacts confirmed with usual paper QSL and 'L' for LoTW confirmations. There is also possible to choose 'Confirmed only' stats for the usual (paper) way, 'LoTW only' for contacts confirmed exclusively via LoTW and both methods together. Of course, a third method can be introduced (say 'E' for with corresponding selections for stats, however there is another problem - should we introduce also 'E+L' for both LoTW and eQSL together? And what about 'E+L+confirmed', to gather all known confirmation methods? And what we should do if somebody comes with another confirmation method (there is actually no guarantee that a national organization will not start their own electronic QSL project which will ignore both existing LoTW ans eQSL...)?

We suggest to consider and discuss all possibilities, with primary aim to find the simplest and most flexible way to determine what 'confirmed' should actually mean.


EQSL Support Thoughts

First, let me say that having cqrlog on my linux box has radically changed my ham experience for the better. Real DXcluster integration is fabulous for me.

Now my two cents on EQSL support or HRDnet or any other method of QSL'ing.

Unfortunately for developers and operators, the accepted criteria for "confirmed" varies with the award and not with the software. For instance ARRL DXCC accepts paper and LOTW confirmed QSO's. eDXCC accepts only AG eqsl's. The PODXS070 club only cares about entries in log. The CQ series of awards accepts paper and AG eqsl's. And there are so many awards out there that is is hard to find them all as well. It is not clear there is a simple solution.

For DXCC, assuming the ARRL version is the intended, then LOTW+paper matters. That appears to be what CQRLOG does now. It would be nice to track other awards with other requirements in CQRLOG but I am happy for now.

Thank you for all the hard work. Good luck, and 73