mysql and mariadb. New cqrlog Installation on Ubuntu LTS and Mint 17

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mysql and mariadb. New cqrlog Installation on Ubuntu LTS and Mint 17

After some OM here had some Problems with mysql, I checked some Installations on two modern Linux Distribution.
Linux Mint 17 and Ubuntu LTS. Both 64 bit Distributions and both fresh Setups.
CQRLOG needs mysql. It won't work with mariadb, a fork of mysql.
First Test was on Linux Mint 17.
In the original PPA, cqrlog Version 1.7.X is included. If you use this Version first, mysql will be installed and everything is working. Updates for newer Version will work also.
It is different, when you are using the deb-File or adding ok2cqr-PPA to the Sources for the first Installation.
In this case, both Installation Routines will install mariadb instead of mysql and the Installation will not work. You have to install mysql manually first, before installing cqrlog.
Next Test was on Ubuntu LTS.
Even in the original PPA with cqrlog 1.7.X, mariadb will be installed. On Ubuntu, you always have to install mysql first.
The best way for the mysql Installation is synaptic and not the graphical Softwaretool. In synaptic, you clearly see what you are doing and what will be installed.
In the Softwaretool, the msql Entry could be a link to mariadb.
I didn't test it with every Desktop Version, so it could be different.
 I don't know the difference between mariadb and mysql and why cqrlog will not work with mariadb, but this is a little trap for newcomers and fresh Installations.
73 Heinz-Juergen  DO1YHJ
Testing with Fedora 64 bit. Fedora has Version 1.8.1 in his Sources. Runs out of the box.

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Re: mysql and mariadb. New cqrlog Installation on Ubuntu LTS and

Hi Heinz-Juergen,
you haven't to install mysql. Only libmysqlclient18 library. It seems mariadb packages are wrong. If you install mariadb-clinet* packages, there is nothing like mysqlclient library at all. I just installed Mint 17 to virtualbox and test it. After I installed libmysqlclient18, it worked with maria-db without any problem.
73 Petr, OK2CQR

Thanks for that Info about

Thanks for that Info about libmysqlclient18 library.
73 de Heinz-Juergen

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Database Connection

the first Window for me was the Database connection MYSQL Server
but i have no mysql server
my system is Kubuntu 14.04
the program was not startet
the failure in the konsole was
(cqrlog:7920): GLib-CRITICAL **: Source ID 14 was not found when attempting to remove it
please can you say me what can i do
73Patrick DM8WP


CQRLOG needs a database engine to work. You can use either mysql (or I think mariadb).
The database engine does not have to be on your local computer, which is why installing CQRLOG does not install it.
If you do not have a database server then you need to install mysql onto your local computer.
Colin G8TMV