Sincere thanks to our volunteers

One of unique CQRlog features is the Membership tracking. Our list of trackable Membership has now 120 clubs, each one must be maintained to keep it useful. It is a lot of work which is almost invisible unless the user tracks a particular club. We are unable to keep up-to-date all 120 Membership lists so any help is highly appreciated. Our sincere thanks go to Dan, WA4GSD, Karlheinz, DK8KK and last but not least Din, PA0DIN who publishes twice a year a VHSC Newsletter with VHSC/SHSC/EHSC news.

SWLs in Membership lists

Some membership list maintainers publishing their list complete, including SWL IDs (when they can join the Club). Although SWLs mostly do count, you can't work them. Adding of incoming SWL QSL cards to your log file is not a very good idea because such record will 'skew' other statistics. SWL IDs in Membership lists is a matter for consideration - it does not harm anything but will never appear in lists (award applications etc.) produced by CQRlog.

New IOTA entities

At the 2018 RSGB Convention it was announced a further 6 new IOTA groups would be added to the IOTA Directory. As follows: EU-192 SM – Kataja Island (Finland/Sweden), OC-297 FO – Morane Atoll (Tuamotu, French Polynesia), NA-249 KP3 – Puerto Rico’s Coastal Islands, NA-250 KL – Yakutat County Group, Coastal Groups (Alaska), AS-204 R0F – Kuril’skiye Island North and AS-205 R0X – Bering Sea Coast East.

CQRLOG IOTA Tables reflect these additions.

CQRLOG 2.3.0 has been released

After almost half a year we have a new release! The changelog is really long, most of changes done by Saku, OH1KH. We also have a new contributor - Jonas, SM2VSD who fixed a few bugs and added some new features. Saku did a lot of improvements to WSJT interface, TRX control and DX cluster. I added satellite support together with propagation mode and auto-update for membership files.

More details in Download section.

Problem with delivery of registration emails

Last month or so a lot of registration emails were rejected by target server. This problem was especially with emails hosted on Now all registration email will be sent from Hopefully, it will solve the problem. If you didn't get registration email, please let me know to Thanks!


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