CQRLOG 03 DEC 2018

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CQRLOG 03 DEC 2018

After long time there is a new beta version of CQRLOG. You can download it from here:


Small how to is described here: http://www.cqrlog.com/node/1526


# update sat_name.tab with newest lotw satellite list (Andy, DL7AOP)
# some layout changes and code refactoring
+ feature to select rectangular geometry in the xplanet preferences (Andy, DL7AOP)
+ ADIF import: implement filter by date range (gl-bars)
+ Initial Skimmer Support (Olli, DH2WQ)
- fixed bug with CTRL+END and/or CTRL+HOME
- fixed encoding passwords for HamQTH - (Andy, DL7AOP)

There are some new features and one very important bugfix. CQRLOG is no longer crashing after CTRL+END/CTRL+HOME in the QSO list window. After some debugging I found out that it always crashes somewhere in the code around bookmarking positions in the grid. Problem was with functions dataset.DisableControls and dataset.EnableControls. It works with some update events that are not used in the Lazarus code (?) anywhere. I removed the Disable/EnableControls and it works. It may be slower a bit when using filter and the result has many QSO, but it won't happen very often. I think you could observe some slow downs with tens of thousand QSO filtered but it is very rare. This bug made a lof CQRLOG users very sad. Please check if it works. Thanks!

There are also some layout changes. Any feedback is welcome!

Small how to is described here: http://www.cqrlog.com/node/1526



thanks Petr. my callsign is DL7OAP :-)

for fixing the qso list scroll down bug i was, too, testing without Disable/EnableControls.
But this leads on my machine to an other error "field not found remarks".

withs this beta version (and in my own tests) i get after scrolling down oder paging down over a longer time the following error message box:

qCQRLOG : Field not found : "remarks".

Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption.
Press Abort to kill the program.

// debug print from console
select count(*) from (select * from cqrlog_main where (qsodate = '1997-07-25'and time_on >= '19:50') or qsodate > '1997-07-25' order by qsodate, time_on LIMIT 500) as foo order by qsodate DESC,time_on DESC

TApplication.HandleException qCQRLOG : Field not found : "remarks"
Stack trace:

I will investigate in this ..

Andy, DL7OAP

Hi Petr,

Hi Petr,

it seems, when you scroll down for a longer time down or page down the function "FormShow" is called.

i comment out in fMain.pas in function TfrmMain.FormShow
the lines 1861 - 1872 and the no errors happen.

//dbtComment.DataSource := dmData.dsrMain;
//dbtLoTWQSLS.DataSource := dmData.dsrMain;
//dbtLoTWQSLR.DataSource := dmData.dsrMain;
//dbtAward.DataSource := dmData.dsrMain;
//dbtQSLSDate.DataSource := dmData.dsrMain;
//dbtQSLRDate.DataSource := dmData.dsrMain;
//dbtComment.DataField := 'remarks';
//dbtLoTWQSLS.DataField := 'lotw_qslsdate';
//dbtLoTWQSLR.DataField := 'lotw_qslrdate';
//dbtAward.DataField := 'award';
//dbtQSLSDate.DataField := 'qsls_date';
//dbtQSLRDate.DataField := 'qslr_date';

so far just a first quick response what i can observe here.
Maybe we have to deactivate the update on the fMain mask during scrolling.

Bye DL7OAP, Andy



On the right side, the clocks are not aligned properly, see the linked screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/USZoyaj.png

73, Luc