CQRLOG 21 APR 2018

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CQRLOG 21 APR 2018

There are many changes since last CQRLOG release. The list of all changes is here: https://github.com/ok2cqr/cqrlog/commits/master
The changelog is really long, most of the changes done by Saku, OH1KH.

I've created both 32bit and 64bit versions.


And also version for RaspberryPi.

Please try it and let me know. Small how to is described here: http://www.cqrlog.com/node/1526

For the first time, I've create CQRLOG.AppImage. It's one big package with all libraries. It still needs some tweaks but base version should work. There is only 64bit version based on QT build and without build-in MySQL server.

What is AppImage?

The AppImage format is a format for packaging applications in a way that allows them to run on a variety of different target systems (base operating systems, distributions) without further modification.

More info here:

How to use AppImage?

Download file from http://www.cqrlog.com/files/beta/CQRLOG-x86_64.AppImage, mark it as executable and run. From terminal:

chmod +x CQRLOG-x86_64.AppImage

Known CQRLOG-x86_64.AppImage bugs:
- strange theme
- doesn't include HamLib (has to be already installed on the system)
- doesn't include build in MySQL server
- desktop integration missing

I'll work on that but if you can, please try it and report me any bugs. Thanks!

73 Petr, OK7AN

CQRLOG 21 APR 2018

Fine that you have got time to set things up so that we are near to next official version release !

First comments:
Quick test shows that everything is mostly ok.

That means that DXCC-fault described here https://www.cqrlog.com/comment/6350#comment-6350 still exist in this beta version.

With the Appimage situation is worse.
[saku@hamtpad tmp]$ ls -l C*
-rwxrwxr-x. 1 saku saku 53831520 21. 4. 10:38 CQRLOG-x86_64.AppImage
[saku@hamtpad tmp]$ ./CQRLOG-x86_64.AppImage
Segmentation fault (luotiin core-tiedosto)
[saku@hamtpad tmp]$ uname -a
Linux hamtpad 4.15.7-200.fc26.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed Feb 28 18:01:11 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
[saku@hamtpad tmp]$ cat /etc/fedora-release
Fedora release 26 (Twenty Six)

Let's see what kind of reports others will give!


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Re: CQRLOG 21 APR 2018

Hi Saku,

I'm sorry, I forget to add to known bugs that the appimage doesn't work on Fedora and I have no idea why?

About the DXCC rebuild statistics, could you describe me what to do to see the problem? Yesterday I tried so many ways but it still worked. Thanks!

73 Petr

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Re: CQRLOG 21 APR 2018

Hi Saku,

the videos are excellent! Upload them to YouTube and I'll link to them to the CQRLOG videos section! Thanks!

73 Petr

Re: CQRLOG 21 APR 2018


I do not have Youtube account for upload. I have proposed that NE4RD, who has quite many good cqrlog based videos @youtube could make better versions based on these that I have done.
Let's see if he has time for that.

The DXCC: I will send you a PM with link to folder that holds video what happens and my qso exports so you can import them and see if you get the same problem.
As it seems that if I import them to fresh log the problem comes with them.
I have one testlog that does not have the problem, for reason I can not understand.

At first qso save with test binary (from wsjt-remote) it popped up error '2018-04-20' date is not valid format.
Only way to get rid of it was to say "Abort". After restart that error has never appeared again. (Of course because I have had "debug=1 > /tmp/debug.txt" on ...)

When playing with logs and DXCC there has been times I have got error about Mysql connection. Seems to be related to deleting the last used log. That point it somehow looses sql connection. But I have not cleared exact way to reproduce it.

Somehow your binary seems to have something different than one that is compiled with my Fedora/lazarus setup.
Maybe it is related to same root cause that AppImage problems with Fedora.


Just tried launch Appimage in

Just tried launch Appimage in my Fedora 27.
Got ./CQRLOG-x86_64.AppImage
Illegal instruction (luotiin core-tiedosto).. So, not working with
me either