CQRLOG 1.2.2 released

Ubuntu 11.10 users, please use this version. It fixes problems with new Ubuntu scrollbars and other annoying bugs.

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qrz.com access problem


I am using version 1.2.2 with
Ubuntu 11.10. The program has
been running flawlessly for
the past few weeks until 6 Nov
mid afternoon when accessing
qrz via qso list for a large
number of qso's, quite abruptly,
an inquiry via firefox 7.0.1
revealed the following message:

"Firefox has detected that the
server is redirecting the request
for this address in a way that
will never complete". The initial
command, www.qrz.com/callsign/
"callsign" was followed by a string
of 19 /index.html.

Now any qso in the qso list or
new qso list will return the same
error. A right click on hamqth
or manager's page functions
normally. Qrz access with new
qso's works normally and the
radio button is functional. My user
and password is confirmed correct
in preferences.

It appears that qrz's server is
rejecting cqrlog's url and has
continued to do so for the last 8
hours. Perhaps firefox is to blame
but i'm concerned that for some
reason qrz is blocking cqrlog's
url command. On another
computer firefox 7.0 returns the same
error when www.qrz.com/callsign/
ky7q is manually entered. I sure
would appreciate your help.

Richard, KY7Q

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Re: qrz.com access problem

Hi Richard,

yes, QRZ.COM has chaned the web page. Again. I'll fix it in next release. In the mean time, you can use HamQTH which is still working and doesn't change the html page :-).

Other problem with QRZ.com is that if you are not logged, there is a limit for search per day. So maybe you got over the limit. HamQTH.com doesn't have any limits :-).

73 Petr, OK2CQR

qrz access problem

been using HamQTH now almost all the time, I am paid through Feb, with QRZ, once that is up no more, seems like every 4 months or so this happens, some sort of change then nothing works. Pitty.. Tom K8WDX

qrz access problem


It appears that qrz has again changed
their query procedures. I've had no
problems with new qso queries until today
when the error 500 returned. Hopefully,
the upcoming version will address this
recurring issue.

Thanks again for all your efforts.

Best Regards,

Richard, KY7Q

Re: qrz access problem

Hi Petr:

Sorry for a false alarm. The query error was the xml lookup but was corrected with a Cqrlog reboot. The button has remained in-operative since their last change. Otherwise, the program has been working flawlessly.

73, Richard