CQRLOG 1.1.0 released

New version is here. Much earlier than I expected. I was preparing eQSL support but it is postponed because QRZ.COM decided to change their policy.

Changelog and files for download are at http://www.cqrlog.com/node/4


Re: CQRLOG 1.1.0


Thanks for your continuing efforts!
The QRZ query works fast and better
than previous versions. Your program
is the best!!!

Best 73's, Richard ky7q

Another +1 for a great

Another +1 for a great addition to the program. Also have finally set up the telnet cluster and it is working FB as well.

Thanks for a great program!

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Peter, hats off to you my friend, QRZ is great, way faster than before and more info as well, this is a great logging program, not as much eye candy as some of the windows ones but much easier to navigate and not full of a bunch of useless crap.

Scandinavian characters from QRZ.COM

First of all, I will thank You for a great job and a great program.

There might be trouble receiving scandinavian character from QRZ.COM.
You can try my call, LA4VGA.
It seems to block the skip the special character "ø", and maybe also interrupt the fetch of QTH.

73 de LA4VGA Børge

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Scandinavian QRZ

Borge, I just put in your call, no trouble at all. all info came up including grid sqaure.. Tom K8WDX

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Scandinavian QRZ

Opps, you are right Borge, it missed the 0 with the slash in it. sorry about that.... Tom K8WDX

Telnet on VHF

DX de UR5FGI: 145500.0 UU5JAJ KN56NOTRKN64WS 57/57 1853Z

this is in Telnet Cluster on VHF, its wrong. In comment must be KN56NO < TR > KN64WS (MS, Es, EME and etc...)

P.S. Tks for VUCC in awards statistic.

One more:
DX de DM5JL: 145200.0 DB8AT JO70HXJO51CP Danke hr nix 1216Z JO70

The same spot in other software:
DM5JL 145200.0 DB8AT JO70HX::JO51CP Danke hr nix 1216z 2011-Jun-25

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Bug Report

Hi Peter, when in Fldigi mode, the date does not change, in other words, when I am working stations and pass the midnight hour the time changes but the date stays on the prior day. I have all the off sets set right, we are at -4 UTC, So when I pass the 8pm hour 12pm UTC the date stays the same although the time changes to the next day. thanks for the nice logging program, I love it..Tom K8WDX