SDR++ setup with CQRLog and Radio

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SDR++ setup with CQRLog and Radio

Wonder if anyone is using the new SDR++ software yet along with rig control.
The setup I was using with Cubic SDR that K4VBB came up with doesn't seem to work with this software.
What I found was rigctrld cannot be running or SDR++ won't connect to it. It wants to start the server.

Letting it start the server I then can connect to CQRLog but now SDR++ is acting as the radio. My actual radio (Ten Tec Orion) is now out of the loop and I can't find a way to get it back in the loop.

I am running Linux Mint 20.2 and the author of SDR++ has a file to install the program.
I am using SDRPlay with it and it is a nice improvement over Cubic SDR IMO.

Any ideas much appreciated.

Hi Jon!

Hi Jon!

I do not have those SDRs to test, so I do no know. But if SDR++ program tries to emulate rigctld then there might be problem if it can not accept "fmv" command.
To test this start telnet and connect to localhost and port that SDR++ creates to emaulate rigctld (usually localhost 4532)
Try to issue line:
fmv (and enter)
if you get error try to issue "fmv" letter by letter:
f (and enter)
m (and enter)
v (and enter)
if these work you have found the problem.

if your SDR++ does not emulate rigctld, but rigctld knows it as rig (with other name than SDR++, that is not found from the rigctld rig list)
you could try similar as in:


mariahcarey (not verified)
Since SDR++ wants to start

Since SDR++ wants to start its own server, try running rigctrld manually before starting SDR++. This might prevent SDR++ from taking control over the rig. wordle

ShawnIClose (not verified)
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