rigctl vs rigctld

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rigctl vs rigctld

Im using as TRX LinHPSDR. Now I wont the actual data (frequency etc) from there in cqrlog via rigctl -m 240 -r localhost:19090 f . Nothing do. In Terminal have see the cqrlog use rigctld!... ??? what can I do? Is the problem that cqrlog use rigctld ans LinHPSDR rigctl ?? Thanks for anwering
vy 73 DL1GZW

rigctl vs rigctld


There are some differences between rigctl and rigctld. If your LinHPSDR works with rigctl -m 240 -r localhost:19090 you have to set cqrlog like this, ( I think ):

I made a tcp server simulator to emulate connection to LinHPSDR localhost:19090 and when cqrlog settings are as above simulator will get:

So cqrlog was sending ID;ID; at the beginning and it looks promising. The real LinHPSDR should answer something to request ID; and then all continues.

Please try this way.
Remember there may not be any othere rigctl or rigctld running at same time with cqrlog.