Future development of the CQRLOG

Two days ago I released new version. Unfortunately it has a few very annoying bugs. I'd like to have better releases in the future and it won't be possible without more testing. I've been using this versions for a few months, Martin has been using it for a few weeks but we didn't find the bugs that users found in a few minutes of testing.

I've created new forum section for CQRLOG testing where will be weekly builds available for testing. If you are familiar with Linux a bit, please help us and test the beta releases. More information is available in my first forum post. Thank you!


Hi Petr, maybe you can

Hi Petr, maybe you can recruit a few experts for beta testing in the future. Most software developers do this.

Maybe name them RC Editions,

Maybe name them RC Editions, or beta, that way people who want the stable release know which one to download, then once the bugs are worked out (hopefully) can have the normal release. thanks Petr...