TRX control in v1.5.0

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TRX control in v1.5.0

I have just installed CQRLOG v1.5.0, and it is a pretty impressive piece of software, unfortunately though I have one issue, I cannot get it to talk to my tranceiver.

I am running an Icom IC9100 which is connected to the computer directly by a USB cable.

I have been unable to find information for the required settings for v1.5.0, so I may have got my set up wrong,

Most of the settings are self explanitary but I have a query about the Host setting, I have left this as default (localhost), I would though normally think of localhost as being used for network connections, should this have a different setting for connection by USB?

The port No. setting is somewhat unclear, is this again refering to a network connection, or is it the CI-V address required by the radio?

My computer is duel boot Win 7 and Ubuntu 12.04. the connection to the radio works on Windows and when running Xlog in Ubuntu.

My settings (for radio 1) are:-
Description IC9100
Host Localhost
RIG id model 368
Device /dev/ttyUSB0
Poll rate 500
Port no 0x7C (have also tried 124 and left it at the default setting of 4532
Serial speed 19200
Data bits 8
stop bits 1
Parity None
Handshake None
DTR on
RTS on

The data port settings are copied from programs used on windows, I have also tried setting all parameters to default.

I would be grateful for any ideas.