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Bandmap Statistics

Hello OMs,

long time ago I wrote my last post. And what should I say?! Thanks Petr for realizing my wishes!

Now I have again a little wish.....

While using bandmap only for the active band (otherwise I have to many spots for my litte notebook display), I felt it would be a great idea to
have a litte window, which shows me how many spots are counted at all bands. for example:
10m - 20 spots
12m - 12 spots
15m - 17 spots etc.....

Or perhaps it is possible to show a pie chart / circle chart ??

CQRLog would be the first software having such a feature !!!

Ok thats it for now...
1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times thanks for this great piece of software!!!

DL1MTT - Mike

Bandmap Statistics

Does nobody have an opinion to this suggestion ??

vy 73
DL1MTT - Mike

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Re:Bandmap Statistics

Hi Mike,

it's interesting idea. A added it to my todo list and will think about that.

73 Petr