wrong freq spotted

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wrong freq spotted

When on 10368.885 and posting a spot with ctrl+w in cqrlog, the the frequency on www.dxsummit.fi becomes 368885.0 !

Regin, OY1R

wrong freq spotted

Hi Regin!

Have I missed something as www.dxsummit.fi is a web cluster and you can ot spot using DXCluster-WEB.
Is there some other address/port toget telnet connect to dxsummit?

Or did you mean you spot via some telnet cluster and when checked from dxsummit the frequency shows wrong?

I made testing with my local tcp server and the frequency you stated leaves Cqrlog in right format and length
Based on this test I assume the problem is somewhere else than Cqrlog

Did you try to make command terminal telnet connect to cluster and enter same spot manually via that?