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if you move a longer bandmap with the scrollbar to the beginning of the band or an upper Band segment, the bandmap stays in this position.

If a call is now selected, the bandmap jumps back to the end of the band.

From my point of view it would be better if the bandmap would remain in the once selected position (band start or band section), because otherwise you have to move the bandmap up again and again, if you want to select after an QSO several calls from the selected area one after the other.

73, Wolfgang


Hi Wolfgang!

Thanks for suggestion!
I am not sure what would happen if bandmap would be locked for longer time. May there happen an overflow of spots, should be checked.

How ever limiting spots with filter at DXCluster end, then selecting bandmap filter to choose only current band spots should make the list lot shorter.
Then, with latest versions (from source) you can also select "reverse order" when higher frequencies appear to top of band map.

Using these I very seldom (excluding contest days) get a monitor height bandmap to full fill.