Upgrade to 2.5.2

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Upgrade to 2.5.2

<p>I am using Debian Bullseye</p>
<p>ALL hamlibs are 4.0</p>
<p>so I can't upgrade to 2.5.2 </p>
<p>as it still uses hamlibs 2.xxx</p>
<p>Any suggestions ?</p>
<p>Chris N9JCA 73</p>

Upgrade to 2.5.2

HI Chris!

If you do not want (need to) upgrade hamlib making compile by yourself you can still upgrade cqrlog using my upgrade script found from https://github.com/OH1KH/cqrlog/tree/loc_testing/compiled

Please read the readme in web page.
In short:
1) download newupdate.zip from web page
2) extract newupdate.sh from newupdate.zip (that is: do unzip)
3) start nweupdate.sh in command console.
4) choose cqrlog from newupdate.sh selection
5) continue operation, newupdate will do all backups and updates for you
6) if update fails you can restore old system from backups. Mainly you just need to copy cqrlog binary backup file back to name /usr/bin/cqrlog (prefer copying instead of renaming backup file. Both will work, anyway)

There is a video (a bit old and not so good in quality and English) that shows how this update happens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jt_D5sICJVo
I should make a new one with some kind of manuscript and editing, but at the moment this will do. The real update begins around time 05:10.