LOTW upload error -2

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LOTW upload error -2

Hello all,

Just installed Mint 20 from scratch on my station's computer.

Everything seems to be working fine, except LOTW uploads.

Here is what I get:

Starting export to adif ...
Export to the adif file completed.
Signing adif file ...
TQSL Version 2.5.1 [unknown]
Signature à l'aide de Callsign VE2TDT, entité DXCC CANADA

/home/erik/.config/cqrlog/lotw/2020-08-01_07-57-30.adi a écrit 75 enregistrements à /home/erik/.config/cqrlog/lotw/2020-08-01_07-57-30.tq8
/home/erik/.config/cqrlog/lotw/2020-08-01_07-57-30.tq8 est prêt à être envoyé par courrier électronique ou téléchargées.
Remarque: TQSL suppose que ce fichier sera téléchargé sur LoTW.
Soumettre à nouveau ces QSOs entraînera leur rapport comme déjà téléchargés.
Statut définitif: Succès (0)
Final Status: Success (0)
Signed ...
If you did not see any errors, you can send signed file to LoTW website by pressing Upload button

Uploading file ...
Error: -2


Everything seems to be ok regarding my TQSL certificates. Any ideas ?

LOTW upload error -2

Hi !
Without checking what is -2 error first question is: Do you have special characters in your lotw password.
Cqrlog can not handle some of them. This was fixed short time ago and does not apply unless you have compiled cqrlog by yourself from latest source.


Special Characters

Hello Saku,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my post. Yes there are at least 3 special characters in my very long and complex password.

I installed CQRLOG from the program manager in Linux Mint. It is the same password I used when I was running CQRLOG in Mint 19.x.

Any other thoughts ?

73's and thanks for a really great HAM program.

Special Characters

If it is the same pwd you used in previous installation it should work.
Do you have libssl-devel installed?


All sorted out now

Hello again.

Got tired of playing around so I completely formated my computer to Linux 19.3, reinstalled everything and it's working fine now. Thanks for the help.

Error -2 with new install of Linux Mint 20

I built a new computer and installed a fresh copy of Linux Mint 20. I had been successfully using another machine with Linux Mint 20 and cqrlog uploaded my logs to lotw. Now, with the new machine I'm having problems. I copied all my configurations over to the new machine from the old one. Everything works except uploading to lotw! I can successfully upload manually using TrustedQSL. I have been UN-successful in finding libssl-devel. Can anyone help me!
73 K4JIM

Fixed error -02 problem with libssl-devel

I was able to fix my problem by finding and installing libssl-devel