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Time is off

I'll start by saying this is my first time using CRQLOG. I have it installed, talking to my radio, LOTW, QRZ, etc.

I have having an issue with time. It is off 2 hours from my computer time. If my computer says its 14:00, CRQLOG will say its 16:00. My computer time is set to UTC-4, EDT. Time in all other applications are right.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Roger,

Hi Roger,
welcome to CQRLOG! - I hope you have lot's of fun with it!

Regarding your time issue: I assume, that you have a wrong time-zone set.
Try on your linux-terminal the command
date -u this shows you, what your computer believes is UTC-time and compare this to local time with date.
This difference between the two depends on the settings in /etc/timezone, where my machine says "Europe/Berlin" which is in Summer "UTC+2".

So I get just now 16:19 for UTC and 18:19 for local time. This is how things are supposed to work. CQRLOG will work with UTC times, as this is the universal time used for HAM-Logs.

Hope, this helps.
Stefan (currently working as OZ/DB4ST).

DB4ST (ex DO2HG) --- German Ham Radio Station
D-32584 Löhne ----- Locator JO42IE