rigctld and TRX Control.

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rigctld and TRX Control.

I use (and love) CQRLOG.

I have my radio configured in TRX Control, and it works with TRX control if and only if I have rigctld set to start when CQRLOG starts. If it's not set to open when CQRLOG opens, rigctld never starts. If it's set to launch rigctld when CQRLOG starts, rigctld is launched.

Problem is, I do both phone and digi mode work. For digi modes, I need the digi program (fldigi, wsjt-x) to have rig control access, so I cannot have CQRLOG starting rigctld whenever it runs.

Ideally I'd like CQRLOG to launch rigctld when the TRX window opens and to close / kill rigctld when the TRX window is closed. Is this possible? If not, I'll post over into wishlist.