empty pop-up when working with fiters / search

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empty pop-up when working with fiters / search

Hi There,

I'm having here an Issue with CQRLOG 2.3.0 (001) 2018-06-17 running on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS (amd64), which has been there for a while but is now really worsening and getting on my nerves:

Very often when I work with the Filter or Search function, an empty pop-up window appears, just saying "cqrlog" in the headline and offering nothing but the "X" in the left corner of the title bar. When clicking the "X" the window reappers immediately.

Sometimes it works, that after 20-40 clicks closing pop-ups it is gone. It also helps, clogging up the system with other tasks, that there is enough time between closing the window and the new one appearing to hit the "Quit program" button.

I've tried the "Repair log database" frequently, but this does not solve the problem - or if so, then only for a very limited time.

I've got two logs in cqrlog with a total of about 3.300 QSOs ... that ought not to break the system - theoretically.

So far I've been a bit reluctant to use the beta-version for my live-log. But in case you advise so explicitly, I'll give it a shot. -- But possibly this is some other (known?) issue.

Thanks a lot and 73


empty pop-up when working with fiters / search

Hi Stefan!

May I suggest that you copy whole ~/.config/cqrlog contents to safe place and then try the alphaTest binary.
If it does not help, you may go back to 001 and by copying the directory structure back you can be sure to have all "as was".

There has been some fixes for those popups, but I do not remember was there something with filter/search depended that was fixed.


Thanks, Saku for your

Thanks, Saku for your comments.

I'm not so sure where to find the "alphaTest binary" you refer to. In the Navigation it says only about "Beta versions".
Please be so kind and tell me, what exactly you mean.

Tnx & 73

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Hi Stefan,

Hi Stefan,

Gruß aus Nordstemmen, JO42VD.

here you will find the alpha version

Bye & 73 de DL7OAP, Andreas