Few bugs switching logs on fly

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Few bugs switching logs on fly


Just noticed that if you have TRXControl and Qso List open and you go to NewQSO/File/Open or create new log
and select another log. It will be switched but:

TRXControl will have same rig names from last log.
Qso List will get empty content but Qso count and DXCC counts will keep values of last log. If you try to refresh QSO List with refresh button you get

"qCQRLOG : Field not found : "id_cqrlog_main".

Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption.
Press Abort to kill the program.

If both windows are closed and then reopened they have proper contents from just switched log.

Not fatal error, but good to know.
This one is good example what users can invent, but developers can not imagine when they test code for bugs before release.
Developers can never imagine all possible variations of use that users may try.