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CQRLOG 06 Mar 2016

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CQRLOG 06 Mar 2016

We have new testing version available for download. I've created both 64bit and 32bit versions.


  • fixed loading of MASTER.SCP after downloading new DXCC tables
  • DXCC recognition uses also US state
  • zones are entered from callbook only for callsign without /P etc.
  • Always overwrite only CQ, ITU zones, county and US state option added
  • in New QSO window state field is now before County
  • fixed crash when clear RIT on disconnected radio
  • also ADIF import supports DXCC according to US state
  • QSO with mode in lower case was market as error and not imported - fixed

This debug version also has a build number. You can see it in Help -> About together with build date.

Please try it and let me know. Small how to is described here:

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Hi Petr,

Hi Petr,

When i did a clean install , when running the first time, i had a problem with CQRlog setting up the preferences folder in .config/cqrlog
Not all the ctyfiles where copied over from the share folder.
So CQRlog did not start.
After copying them by hand it started normally.