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CQRLOG 25 Feb 2016

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CQRLOG 25 Feb 2016

We have new testing version available for download. I've created both 64bit and 32bit versions.


  • previous QSO listing is much faster
  • fixed crash 'invalid integer' when starting
  • TRX 2 description was hidden - fixed
  • distance and grayline uses grid data from callbook
  • WAZ and ITU in DXCC info are updated from callbook
  • help updated (TRX memories)
  • trx control settings layout improvements
  • Add/edit memory button to preferences added
  • New user friendly exceprtion window (needs more testing)
  • AL+V is now MemDwn, ALT+B MemUp
  • fixed trying to delete on empty memory list
  • USB mode were lost when memory was edited
  • Memory can select USB or LSB, not only SSB

Please try it and let me know. Small how to is described here:

Grid data from callbook

From the changelog:

"distance and grayline uses grid data from callbook"

What exactly does this mean? What callbook is used?
I see for all DL stations a distance of 214 km and bearing 260°, regardless of the grid. Should cqrlog calculate distance and bearing from the remote station's location info in the callbook or is there a misunderstanding on my side?

73, Wolf

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M+ / M-

Hi Petr,

I have been playing around with the latest beta, and i wanted to check the memory channels. But i have no clue how this is supposed to work.
I added a frequency and mode, but what is with the bandwith? what is it supposed to be. After i added 2 frequencies, the + and - buttons did not work. so i think i am doing something wrong. can you explain how it is intended to work? cause i do like this feature, it's great to put nets in. maybe add a description too ?


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Re: M+ / M-

Hi Alex,

where are the +/- buttons? I just tried M up and Mem dwn buttons and they work. Some radios supports filter bandwith settings, so you can enter the bandwith.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

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Hi petr,

Hi petr,
I figured out what i did wrong.
I added 14.200 , and that is invalid. 14200 works :)

can a channel number be added ? i now cant see where i am in the list.