How to test CQRLOG

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How to test CQRLOG

I'll release testing version of CQRLOG (almost) every week or often. It will be saved here as 64bit binary package complete with all files ready to extract to your home directory. DEB files of this testing versions will be released before final release.

Please untar the package to you home directory. Before you run cqrlog binary, please backup your ~/.config/cqrlog directory. These testing versions shouldn't damage your data but it's always better to backup :).

If you find any problem, run cqrlog in debug mode. Open terminal and type this:

cd ~/to_directory_where_cqrlog_binary_is
./cqrlog --debug=1 >> out.txt

Now do what is needed to show the problem in the log. Close it and send me the out.txt file to my email Bellow to the forum post with testing version write what is wrong and what should happen. It could be useful also for other testers. Thank you!