TS-590S USB rigcontrol bug

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TS-590S USB rigcontrol bug

Hi Petr,
I have found a bug in the rig-control of CQRLOG.
I changed the speed of TRX1 from 112500 to 57600 and the software stopped reporting the freq in the TRX window.
So I tried to set the Parity, Databits etc by hand, this didn't change anything.
So I restarted, nothing.
Then I set the values to default again, and this is where the bug is located, when you set everything to default, a strange thing happens, namely this:
/usr/bin/rigctld -m 231 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -t 4531  -s 115200  --set-conf=data_bits=8,stop_bits=2,parity=None,serial_handshake=None
See the --set-conf.....parameter, that is the cullprit but not the bug.
It turns out if you set everything to default again, in the 1cqrlog.conf the parameters are still written and set to 0, that is the problem, because it they are there, your rigctrld is started with the --set-conf=..... and because that is an error for my rig (it seems), rigcontrol doesn't want to start and bingo no readings anymore.
My suggestion, when you set the parameters to default, please delete them from the config so they are not passed with --set-conf= as they do, even when there are no parameters to be passed.
Try yourself, change the defaults to anything else (except for speed) they are kept in the config and put the parameter in the starting line.
Took me a few hours to figure this out, probably will help a lot of people that have trx control problems.
Bas ON2HB.


Hi Bas... Maybe this is stupid question :) Did you change speed in rigs menu also?


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TS-590S USB rigcontrol bug

Yes I did change the trx menu as well.
But it seems I have found a solution to the problem, just set DTR ON and Hardware Handshake.
After that the rig doesn't give me troubles anymore, strange that rig-parameters of Hamlib don't do this.
I found this earlier in the day when trying WSJT, I couyldn't get it to work with CAT until I found a blog of someone to set these.
And as by miracle, the CAT control is no longer and issue, it works all the time.
Weird that the TS-590S manual doesn't state this, nor does any other website or the Hamlib rig-params.
All the best for 2015 to everybody!

Greetings, Bas. ON5HB