New Hamlib and cqrlog

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New Hamlib and cqrlog

New versions of rigctld (Hamlib) have external parameter "--vfo". That seems to be requirement for wsjtx versions 2.4.0 and up.

It makes things complicated as using parameter "--vfo" at rigctld startup breaks it's backward compatibility that leads defunct of cqrlog (also my qsstv and fldigi do not like it).

So if you start rigctld from script before other programs (cqrlog,fldigi,qsstc, wsjtx) do not add parameter "--vfo". Unfortunately it may lead to older version of wsjtx needed.

If you configure rigctld at cqrlog/preferences/trxcontrol do not place "--vfo" to "Extra command line arguments".

Cqrlog rigcctrl interface must be rewritten so that it accepts both ways. commands and responses without "--vfo" and with it.
My opinion is that this change is poor programming practice because it is done a way that breaks backward compatibility. It could have been done in a way that would work also with legacy systems.

Now cqrlog sends command "fmv" to get frequency, mode and vfo.
if rigctld is started with parameter "--vfo" this command must be formatted to "fVFOA mVFOA v" to give same response.
Same with setting new state (freq,mode,ptt etc.). They also need VFOA (or VFOB) added to command to work.

If they would have programmed it so that VFOA is default and if change is needed then just VFOx should be issued once and be valid until next VFOx command all commands and responses would have been backward compatible,

Very true... Yesterday spent

Very true... Yesterday spent 4 hours trying to get FT-857 working in ubuntu
with newest hamlib/wsjtx... No way.
CQRLOG worked for some reason ok, showed freq. ok.
Anyway, this FT-857 is problematic, because it needs external interface for
controlling rig.
Srange thing is, that my Kenwood system (ts-890s) works fine with Hamlib 4.3 (testing version)
WSJTX 2.4.0 and CQRLOG 2.5.2(106).
Ofcourse radio setting are different and these Kenwoods does not need any external dongles...