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Confirmed QSO:s


Thanks a lot to you guys creating CQRLOG!

I have a problem. I have worked EA9 on SSB on both 20m and 10m. Both QSO:s are marked qsl_r as Q.

When I check the DXCC table only the QSO on 20m is marked as confirmed.

Any clue why?

BR, SM0RUX Pontus

Confirmed QSO:s

Take both qsos to edit and check that qsl_r really has "Q", not " Q" (space + Q).
I made one VK qso as confirmed by Q and if there is preceding space it is not shown is statistics.

There is also something else...
If I select "paper qsl only" I can see the confirmation "Q" at dxcc statistics, but if I select any other combination "paper and eqsl", "paper and lotw", paper and eqsl and lotw" I can not see the Q

It seems that all confirmation letters are placed at 2nd place in band confirmation cell, so overwriting perhaps each others.
If I understand right I should see ELQ in band confirmation cell if I have received all confirmations.
This one must be checked from source.


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Thanks a lot, Saku! 73's!

Thanks a lot, Saku!