what is super check partial

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what is super check partial

... what is ist, and what does it do?

this is a "new window" and i don't have any idea, what it is.

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Super Check Partial

If you type a part of a call sign (few characters, mostly 3 is enough), Super Check Partial (SCP) returns a list of probable call signs containing these characters. Example - type SCR, you will get F1SCR, IK8SCR and N2SCR. If you hear SCR only, it can be one of these 3. This is primary aim of this feature. It is used mostly in contesting programs. To be one of the calls listed, you must be active in contests. Try DL1, then DL1C...

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Super Check Partial

To complete the info:
The files can be downloaded at: http://www.supercheckpartial.com/
You have to place the files in the call_data rep. Complete path: /home//.config/cqrlog/call_data/
I placed the file MASTER.DTA from the archive SCP_VER 20170702.zip in /home//.config/cqrlog/call_data/MASTER.DTA
and the Super Chck works ...