What do darkened screens mean?

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What do darkened screens mean?

I just upgraded to 1.9.0 and find that after entering a new QSO both the QSO list and the new-QSO pane are darkened. What does this mean?
EDIT: This morning the darkened screens appeared only after I opened, and then closed with no changes, "Settings" in Preferences/Membership.

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Re: What do darkened screens mean?

Are you using KDE? I l also had this problem and it seems bug is somewhere in GTK implementation of Lazarus and FPC libraries. Now I use Ubuntu with Unity and it works.
You can disable darkened screen function somewhere in kwin preferences. It's one of kwin effects.
73 Petr, OK2CQR

Darkened screens

Thank you, Petr. Yes,KDE 4.13.3. I'll look for the setting you mentioned. In the meantime, I discovered that simply minimizing the window and then restoring it brings back the white background.

--John K3GHH