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Window focus saving

Hi, Every time I start the program, I have to re-click 'always on top' of every window even though it was all set up when closed last time.
Can you save th window 'always on top' value of all the various windows i have open when closing so i dont have to do this every time i start?

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Re: Window focus saving

Unfortunately this is related to window manager, not to CQRLOG. Why you need to set Stay on Top for all windows?

Ah ok.nothing i can do about

Ah ok.nothing i can do about it then.
Its just annoying because every time i start all but the main window is invisible and I have to activate each of the windows again, move them to position and select 'stay on top' every time i start the program.
It would be nice if all the windows popped up into the positions and levels they were at when i closed down.

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Mine does, I have 2 monitors

Mine does, I have 2 monitors also, when I close the program, I have the log book, dx cluster, band map, grey line, tx control all running on both monitors, I close the program for the day, when I come back another day, I click on CQRlog and all the windows open and go to the same spot they were at when last closed, no trouble, here I did nothing special, just open them up that is it. 73 Tom K8WDX