Error when uploading to eQSL and Clublog

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Error when uploading to eQSL and Clublog


This seems to be a recurring issue, but I have ran into yet another problem with uploading to online logs.

Some background: I run a number of different instances of CQRLOG on different machines around the house. The mother instance is running headless on a RPI. The working machines (two laptops and a RPI400) run their own versions but use the database on the RPI. In this way, I can log to the same database from various locations around the house (I have two shacks),
This works fine for some years now.

I ran into some issues with one of my laptops, so I decided to re-install linux on that one. Now this one runs Linux Mint 21.2 Cinamon. Of course, this required me to re-install applications, including cqrlog.

I know the binary version of CQRlog for this version of LM uses a hardcoded URL for Clublog, so I have downloaded 2.6.0 version using GIT (git clone and changed the hardcoded url in the dLogUpload.pas file (Removed the 'secure' from the url). Then I compiled it

This resulted in a working cqrlog 2.6.0 build 001, same as on the other machines.
I started the program, and connected to the remote database and all seemed fine.
Until I logged my first contact and found that uploading to clublog still failed. Uploading to worked fine however.
Also i tried to upload changes to eqsl, which failed also. This gives the message :
Error: -2 - SSL/TLS support is not compiled!
On my other machines everything works fine.
I also installed the binary build 118 but this did not enhance things.

Any ideas are welcome.

Peter / PA3FQH

Error when uploading to eQSL and Clublog

Removing 'secure' needs http to be https in address. Did you change also that?



No, I did not change this. It was, and now it reads
Same as on the other instances.

Update: Error when uploading to eQSL and Clublog

I decided to stop searching, and started again.
I re-installed Linux mint from scratch, and installed MariaDB, CQRlog, Lazarus and Git. Then started CQRlog and configured it (version 2.5).
Than cloned the GIT repository, corrected the sourcecode for the clublog URL and compiled it.
Now everything works as before. (version 2.6.0, built 001)
Dunno what went wrong the first time, but the second time was succesful.