apparmor problem

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apparmor problem

first of all many thanks for CQRLOG which is an excellent logging program. After having installed the 1.58 version as soon as I launch it I get this warning:

"It looks like apparmor is running in your system. CQRLOG needs to add this :
@{HOME}/.config/cqrlog/database/** rwk,
into /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld

You can do that by running /usr/share/cqrlog/cqrlog-apparmor-fix or you can add the line and restart apparmor manually.

Click OK to continue (program may not work correctly) or Cancel and modify the file first"

I have done the file mod but this message keeps popping up every time I use the program. It wasn't there with earlier version. I use ubuntu 12.04.
Any tip ?
Thank you to anyone who could shed some light on the issue.
Emilio IK0OKY



after upgrade mysql I ran the script /usr/share/cqrlog/cqrlog-apparmor-fix

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Re: apparmor problem

yes, but with sudo:

sudo /usr/share/cqrlog/cqrlog-apparmor-fix

sudo /usr/share/cqrlog/cqrlog-apparmor-fix

It worked !
Thank you
Ciao Emilio