Remote mode for wsjtx/wsjt

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Remote mode for wsjtx/wsjt


It would be nice to be able to work with wsjtx/wsjt in remote mode like as with fldigi


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Re: Remote mode for wsjtx/wsjt


I'll look at that apps, I'm not sure if it is possible and also don't have any experience with it. I'm avid CW operator and don't use digimodes at all.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Hi, Petr

Hi, Petr

I'll tell by example wsltx 1.1

Config directory - ~/.wsjtx
Usually wsjtx updates two files: ALL.TXT and wsjtx_log.adi

ALL.TXT: In that file wsjtx write all decoded strings and transmitted text.

1501 Transmitting 14.078 MHz JT9-1: CQ R8OSP NO15
1502 3 -18 0.3 1551. 1 R8OSP HA3PT JN96
1502 2 -24 2.4 1663. 1 CQ LZ2TU KN13
1503 Transmitting 14.078 MHz JT9-1: HA3PT R8OSP -18
1504 4 -20 0.2 1551. 0 R8OSP HA3PT R-10
1504 1 -24 2.4 1663. -1 CQ LZ2TU KN13
1505 Transmitting 14.078 MHz JT9-1: HA3PT R8OSP RRR
1506 2 -23 0.1 1551. 0 R8OSP HA3PT 73
1507 Transmitting 14.078 MHz JT9-1: HA3PT R8OSP 73

First column - time in UTC
Third column - report for rst_s
Fifth column - audio frequency on waterfall

"HA3PT R8OSP -18" - sent report
"R8OSP HA3PT R-10" - roger and recieved report (for rst_r)

Guide for WSJT-X 1.1 -

wsjtx-log.adi: file of it's own log with the finished QSO's

It would be nice to at least

It would be nice to at least have the ability to auto import the ADIF log file similar to the way the logs from Fldigi are monitored and new entries are imported.

I think this would be much more easily implemented rather than trying to integrate WSJTX and CQRlog. It would be a simple matter (I think) to add a second monitoring option, and it is one that would only need to be "checked" every 5 minutes or so due to the long exchanges used in WSJTX.