Take over /opt/cqrlog/log_data/cqrlog.fdb from 0.9.6

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Take over /opt/cqrlog/log_data/cqrlog.fdb from 0.9.6


2 1/2 years ago I installed cqrlog from the binary distribution, because there was no distribution package for Debian (or I wasn't able to find it).

Anyhow: I want to install the version 1.5.2 from the ppa-ham-repository now. The question is: can I just copy my previous logfile /opt/cqrlog/log_data/cqrlog.fdb to /home/dd0ul/.config/cqrlog?

Is it just this single file? Or do I have to expect trouble because of a changed file format or so?

Thanks and 73 de dd0ul, Michael

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Re: Take over /opt/cqrlog/log_data/cqrlog.fdb from 0.9.6

Hello Michael,

you have to use old version 0.9.6 to load the fdb file, export it to ADIF and import it to new version. Older version used Firebird embedded, newer are based on MySQL embedded.

73 Petr, OK2CQR