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Flrig support

HAMLIB is quite useful for rig control and is a known standard, but support of rig control via Flrig might be something of interest.  I could see having full rig support via Flrig supporting both Fldigi and CQRlog.  Just an idea73DaveK3DCW

as it seems impossible to get

as it seems impossible to get the cqrlog trx control running on debian ( wasted a good deal of a month and still no further to getting any response from the program) it would be nice if cqrlog could just cooperate with flrig for controlling the radio and making shure that the rig settings ( freqency etc) are added in the new log.

not shure if there is anybody that still follows this forum , don't see many responses .

I'm using cqrlog on debian

I'm using cqrlog on debian without issues with hamlib for trx control. fldigi uses hamlib too. runing these two in paralell works just fine, I just selected 'remote for fldigi' to get qso info from fldigi.

I'm using cqrlog on debian


I would like to hear do you use the "old" fldigi remote or xml-rpc?
As I'm not active with fldigi I would like to hear some comments about xml-rpc remote with fldigi.
Is it more useful than the "old" remote.

Look at this :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaAe2g0Q8e8