Tune Button for Rig Control

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Tune Button for Rig Control

Hello Petr,
I use a Yaesu FT-2000 with an external antenna tuner at the moment. But I'm not very happy with the tuning procedure. At my rig I have to turn down the power, switch to rtty and then press ptt. When tuning is done, have to switch back to SSB and raise up the power.
Perhaps it is possible to add a little tune button to the rig control??
It would be perfect if this function could read power and mode from the rig, store it, then switch the rig to rtty (cw or whatever), turn the rf power down to 10 Watts and send a signal to the external tuner as long as the button is pressed. When tuning is done, it should set the rig to the former rf-power and mode.
I know of some rigs having a tune button whith which you can do the mentioned tuning method (ICOM IC 706 MK II G for example) but the FT-2000 has only it's internal tuner.
Vy 73
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Tune Button for Rig Control

You can do this on the FT2000 simply by shorting the TX REQ jack. When this RCA jack shorted to ground, it puts the FT-2000D into the transmit mode and low power, and sends out a steady CW carrier, for linear amplifier or manual antenna tuner adjustment. When the short is removed the rig is returned to the origional mode and power level. I use this with my LDG 600 ProII tuner.

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