Cannot set QTH Profile

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Cannot set QTH Profile

I am using Open SUSE 11.3 on a Dell D600 laptop. The install went smoothly and I am now playing around with my preferences. I would like to set up the QTH Profile as I am in the process of migrating my old paper logs from 1977 and the QTH has changed.
I went to File>Preferences>QTH Profiles and checked "Use QTH Profiles"
I checked "QTH" and "Rig" but left "Locator" unchecked and then clicked on "Define/Modify Profiles"
When the QTH Profiles window opened, I clicked on "New" and then proceeded to fill in the data on the pop-up. When I try to save the data, I get an error message telling me that the Locator is incorrect and the data is not saved.
How do I get around setting up a QTH Profile without using the locator data.

Problem Solved

I was not aware of what the locator was - found a way to do the calculation online at and so the problem is solved. NowQTH Profiles are able to be saved and the program is fully functional.