Whre's qsl.glabels?

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Whre's qsl.glabels?

I've inmstalled CQRlog onto Ubuntu Quantal a few days ago.It's very useful, and I send you lots of thanks.You say on "http://www.cqrlog.com/help/h22.html#bh4", The syntax can be derived from the label designer picture, you own label design can be derived from the example qsl.glabels included in the CQRLOG installation.But I've found "qsl.glabels" in my Ubuntu. Where can I find it ?You may know that thre is a very useful windows application "Turbo Hamlog" made by JG1MOU. By this they can 'Directly Print' QSL cards through editting text file.Many hams use it in Japan especially on domestic QSO.(I dare to select Linux)Will you mind to print QSL directly through CQRlog ?

Glables, you will find it in

Glables, you will find it in the software center  HTH Tom K8WDX


gLabels already installed

<p>Sorry, I did maybe misread the qsl.glabels on the page...<br />gLabels, this I already installed. I was seeking the qsl.glabels as a "template" that this appli maybe contains. Now I see there's no templates for gLabels printing.<br />tnx Tom.</p>


I have found the template there.
But Petr change the fields order in scv in 1.5.4. You have to modify  the template to work fine with new version.
Dariusz SP2MKI